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    Vanana – Porbandar
    Annual Report 2020-21
    [“Uddan” School Fair]

    • Last year there was a Covid-19 Pandemic situation but the school has not stopped to give education and it was very well received by parents , students and staff. Even in Pre-Primary , the branches work on the habits of work and the love of earning that emerges in an event where we actively engage the child’s interest, self discipline, concentration, self-confidence and motivation will enable the child to undertake whatever it is they need to do.
    • There was a school fair at Hotel Lord’s Eco inn on 14th March 2020-21 and all the parents and students took part to celebrate school fair. Students enthusiastically participated and shown their talents in varied forms, all the participants were awarded by the Managing Trustee/ Trustees /Principal. It was a great show.

              Congratulation to all the Parents, Teachers and Students !!!

    • The School was always regular academically and the students were taught through either Virtual / Video classes as per the situation throughout the year. In fact there were many Competition hosted. Virtually and all the students participated throughout the year. 
    • The school has organized different competition throughout the year  Hindi Poetry Recitation , Role Play, Card Making, Janmastami Celebration, Kite Flying Day, Fancy Dress Competition were organized virtually.
    • Our staff are a team of a intelligent and hard working people. It is a pleasure to work with such a dedicated staff who are strong and committed to their work.

    Overall , the year went on totally with less expectation as the classes were virtually but the school has tried its best to satisfy from the both the ends.

    Hope to restart the new session in a positive environment.