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  • Yagyavalkya Vidya Mandir CBSE English Medium School,
    Vanana – Porbandar
    Annual Report 2019-20
    Principal’s Speech

    Ladies & Gentlemen!

    Good evening everyone! Honourable Cheif guest Shri Rajesh M. Tanna Resident Additional Collector and Additional District Magistrate. Our guest of honour Commander Preeti Tomar, Senior Education Officer I.N.S Sardar Patel, Our distinguished dignitaries, members of faculty, parents, guests and my dear students.

    At the very first outset, we pay homage to our great patriarch, late Shri Nathalal V. Jungi whose soul continues to guide and inspire us. The founder of the school Beloved Diwali masi to be with us to bestow blessings. The school is now making tremendous progress under the dynamic leadership of our Managing Trustee Mr Ashok N. Jungi, Trustees Mr Dinesh Lodhari & Mr Suryakant Joshi and all Incharges of various branches.
    We set our own standards, strived to reach them and elevated ourselves to higher planes.
    On the occasion of 16th Annual Day of the school, I extend a hearty welcome on behalf of the entire School Community to all the members of this respected gathering.
    We are honoured by your esteemed presence and indeed it is our privilege to have you with us.
    I am here to present a report on the school happenings for the academic year 2018-2019 but before I do that, I would like to dwell briefly on the changing times and the radical changes needed in the field of education.
    We are living in times where the pace of events is fast indeed, in fact, that today’s latest become obsolete tomorrow.

    In educating today’s youth we cannot afford to look sight of the fact that we must teach them to grapple with the problem of their generations, their society and their world.
    The youth of today need to be ready for the global stage – a generation of going people who are thinkers, inquirers articulate and confident to take to the world stage and compete with the best brains in the world.
    Like all great institutions, we have our dreams, ambitions and to convert these into tangible realities of our goal.
    Ever forward and never to look back is the school spirit which we always want to instil among the students.

    “The learning, the evolving and the effort will never cease.”

    We are at the junction where a chapter closes and a new begins. It is overwhelming that we now count 16 years from the inception of the school.

    What a journey it has been with each year having its own triumphs and struggles.

    We grew from 200 students to 800 and 18 staff members to 50 now and still counting. It was really an adventure journey.

    Annual Day is a time for rejoicing, reflection and resolution 2018 has been a milestone year for us making the completion of a glorious 16yrs in serving the cause of education.

    The Annual Report showcases the achievements and glorious of our School, undoubtedly, but also make us think deeply out our shortcomings.

    We have always been committed to create an environment in the school which helps the young minds to blossom and provide a platform for individual thinking & holistic development of the child’s personality.

    We take pride in tracing our journey and presenting a fleeting glimpse of our achievements in 2019.

    “Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream, leads the goal”

    We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.

    The progress of any institution depends on a committed faculty, supportive staff, a large pool of resources and cooperative parents.

    With high expectation and academic rigour, the school started her journey through the year on 4th April 2019.

    I start with the Academic results. The Board Result of Class X

    The total students appeared for the board exam were 22 and Master Vatsal was at the top made all of us proud with 91.16% and Ms Komal Modhwadiya Scored 90.17% and Priya Joshi got 83.33% and Mr.Nasir Jindani Scored the highest in std XII. Commerce Congratulations to the students.

    Our school mission is to nurture the intellectual, physical and social development of the students. The school emphasizes to foster a climate which will produce citizens for whom correct moral values such as honesty, integrity and respect and concern for others become the very foundation of their lives.

    The vision of school believes in quality education that develops children into well-balanced personalities and responsible citizens with sound values of love, kindness, devotion and service and empowers children to succeed in all spheres of life.

    At the front of cultural activities of Primary/ Secondary/ Higher Secondary Section:-

    Our motto is to balance around the development. It gives an exposure to the inherent potential of the students and for the all-round development of their personality, inter-house, co and extracurricular activities were carried out throughout the session including debate, extempore, declamation, quiz, fancy dress competition, poem recitation, storytelling good handwriting, field trips, group patriotic song and card making.

    The credit of this success goes to the hard work, devotion and dedication and coordination of the house master and students as well.

    School Houses

    “Strength does not come from physical capacity, it comes from unity”.

    The students of the school are divided into four different houses. Kashyapa House, Vashishta House, Pulastya House and Agastya House.

    The House on duty performs its duty of conducting the day to day activities, competition in systematic & disciplined manner.

    “Live as if you were to die tomorrow,

    Learn as if you were to live forever.”

    In keeping with the school’s policy of continuous up-gradation of knowledge and skills, our teachers attended various workshops and seminars organized by the school & others so as to improve their academic transaction skills and to update their capabilities. “Swachta hi Sewa hai” are the activities done to instil the young mind to develop the habit of Cleanliness.

    Interschool Competition: –

    At Swami Ramkrishna Mission: –

    Our students participated in Mukhpath, Elocution, Drawing Competition. In which Manya Joshi stood IIIrd and   Rank in Mukhpath competition, Aniket Popat for recitation Competition

    At Riverfront our students participated and Shyam Sonigra got IIIrd Rank in the Drawing Competition.

    The school is imparting education but not at the cost of rich tradition and culture. A celebration like National Festival, Guru Purnima, Janmashtami, Teachers Day are organised to inculcate the ideas of our rich cultural heritage in the minds of our students.

    Class Assembly & Special Assembly

     The school aims for the holistic development of each and every student. There may be some hidden talent in every student to provide opportunity and to extract the hidden potential in each child from each class conducts the News, thought and activities boost up their confidence.

    The school also used to celebrate Geeta Jayanti every year in which students participated with total dedication preparing charts, shlokas.

    Rutvi Maru for presenting shlokas nonstop for 20 min

    The school used to have special Assembly on every Wednesday, Homi Bhabha, C.V.Raman, A. P.J Abdul Kalam, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Importance of Yagna, Teacher – Students relationship, Bhaskaracharya, Gargi Muni, etc. , are highlighted to be connected with the renowned persons to develop the hidden potential of students.


    Our school has organised 2-5 days workshops to develop moral values among the staff in which characters were taught from the epic Ramayana, Mahabharat, leaders such as Guru Gobind Singh, followed by the role model based stories to inculcate to the young generation.


    I have attended a workshop on 1st & 2nd June 2019  for Principal of a Pedagogical Leader at Delhi.

    A CBSE workshop on Capacity Building Programme  & Gender Sensitivity: –

    Mr Hitesh Thanki, Mr. Vijay Thakrar, Ms. Dipali Sindhav, Mrs. Alpna & Ms. Shivani Tripathi went at Swaminarayan  English Medium School- Porbandar

    Ms. Dolly Jungi & Ms. Riddhi Parmar went at Ahmedabad for Capacity Building Programme on Classroom Management, at Sattva Vikas School, Thaltej – Ahmedabad.

    Ms. Rajal Salet & Ms. Minaxi Motivaras at Gandhinagar attended a Capacity Building Programme on Classroom Management.

    Ms. Sonal Sinha & Mrs. Sangeeta Sharma went at Radhika International School Jamnagar for Capacity Building Programme.

    Celebration In pre-primary the activities are as we followed:-

    1. Science Experiment (Water)
    2. Good Handwriting Competition
    3. Story Telling
    4. Coffee with mothers
    5. Project talk :- Summer season
    6. Colouring competition
    7. Tree plantation day (Green day)
    8. Trip (Railway station) / Airport
    9. Science experiment (Sound)
    10. Rhyme competition
    11. Janmastmi celebration
    12. Teachers day celebration
    13. Project talk
    14. Helpers day (Competition)
    15. Germination of seed (Project talk and live)
    16. Salad Day, sports day, soup day
    17. Memory game (Competition)
    18. Rakhi and Cardmaking
    19. Recognition & phonic drill
    20. Mother’s workshop
    21. World health day
    22. Free play
    23. Importance of Earth
    24. Colour recognition
    25. Picture talk
    26. Yoga day
    27. Our Indian leaders
    28. Fancy dress competition
    29. Fingerprinting
    30. Brush my teeth
    31. Sand science experiment
    32. Tri color competition

    The school is imparting education but not at the cost of rich tradition and culture. A celebration like National Festival, Guru Purnima, Janmashtami, Teachers Day are organised to inculcate the ideas of our rich cultural heritage in the minds of our students.

    Infrastructure Development

    The school is grateful to our Managing Trustee, Trustees who have been ensuring the rapid acceleration in the growth of the school by providing up support to create an enviable campus infra and employing competent manpower.

    The addition of Infra. made us proud at Ranavav building definitely.

    Congratulations !! Ranavav!! You Rock!!

    Sports At the corner

    Another area in which we have not only made our presence felt but have made ripples, is the sports and games.

    Our boys & girls have done extremely well in handful, football, skating and Yoga and make us proud by enriching the kick of school honours.

    Here are the highlights

    To be a great champion, you must believe you are the best. If you are not, keep on trying  Sports Competitions inculcate the spirit of positive changes & sportsmanship among the students and prepare them for the life ahead sports, games and physical Fitness occupy a place of Importance in our curriculum, our students actively participated in different sports competition and won medals, certificates & trophies.

    Khel mahakumbh 2018

    1. Under 14 boys got 3rd rank in handball at district level.
    2. Under 14 girls got 3rd rank in basketball at district level.
    3. Winners in wrestling at district & Participated in state level.
    4. Winners in skating at district level & Participated in state level.
    5. Got Bronze medal in Karate Open Saurashtra Championship – 2019
    6. Winners in athletics at Inter school competition
    7. Savan sheraji who participated / played
      1. U-14 National Cricket
      2. U-19 Hilshield  Cricket        (A gem of Yagyavalkya School)
      3. U-16 District Cricket

    Khel Mahakumbh 2019

    1. Winner in skating at District & Participated in State level
    2. Winners of karate at District & Participated in State level
    3. Under 14 boys team got 3rd rank in Basketball at district level
    4. Under 17 boys team got 3rd rank in basketball at district level
    5. Under 14 girls team got 1st rank in handball at district level & state level
    6. Under 14 boys team got 2nd rank in handball at district level & state level
    7. Under 17 boys team got 2nd rank in handball at district level
    8. Winner in athletic at Taluka level
    9. Many student participated in Parbandar Coastal Marathon 2019 and became 2 km champions, 5 km Champs.
    10. At the River front, students participated and Shyam Sonigra from class XII got III Rank in the Drawing Competition.
    11. Science Exhibition at Taluka level 8 students has participated
    12. Science Exhibition at Baroda (Makarpura) went with Mr. Hitesh Thanki.
      1. Yash Bhalothia from class 8
      2. Hit Bapodra from Class 9

    Khel Mahakumbh our staff in 2019

    • Dolly jungi got 3rd in Lawn tennis
    • Riddhi Solanki got 1st rank in District level and 3rd in state level in Volley ball

    Congratulations to all the winners and participants!

    Parents Teacher Meets

    We firmly believe that positive communication between parents and teachers goes a long way in improving the efficiency of education.

    Before I conclude, I must thank to the Chief Guest Tanna Sir Residental Collector, Guest of honour Commander Preeti Tomar , Managing Trustee for accepting our request to come over here for blessing and encouraging our little tinytots & students.

    I offer my gratitude to Shri Dinesh Lodhari & Shri Suryakant Joshi for your persistent motivation encouragement and your unstinted support in whenever and wherever necessary. I extend my heartiest thanks to the members of School Commitee Members Ms ____, Mr. ____, Mr. ___ for taking keen interest for the upliftment and smooth functioning of the institution.

    I would like to take this opportunity to convey my most sincere thanks to our branch incharges, our  coordinators & supporters Ms Rajal, Ms Vandana & Mrs. Manju and the entire teaching staff for their unflinching support & cooperation, and for making things happen very efficiently & smoothly at the school.

    I would also like to place on record my most sincere thanks to the team of I.T department staff Ms. Rajal Salet, Ms. Sonal Sinha, Mr. Ravi Bhatti & Master Shifan Shivani,  who keeps the whole machinery well lubricated and our records intact and in a meticulous manner.I conclude with our non Instructed staff, all the Masi to be always helpful & Coprative.